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US Export Consultant to British Companies


A little about me

Hi. My name is Clive Drake.

This information website is designed to give existing and potential UK exporters to the US, details of my profile and experience in this challenging market. I offer a consultancy service to companies new to the market or looking to refresh and redefine existing export strategies. I am completely flexible and can be engaged for a specific one off project, or alternatively short, medium even long term consultancy with specific objectives.

I make no secret of the fact I enjoy travelling to the US and doing business – over the pond! I like Americans, the country as a whole, and enjoy the variety of cultures within the business environment.


What I love to do

My primary skills centre around two principles; Value and Relationships.

My main focus is to build value in everything I do, as a business owner or consultant. I have a simple philosophy; build value and profits routinely follow. Relationships, in my view, are key areas of business management. Firstly, relationship with customers. Secondly with staff and colleagues. Thirdly with suppliers – an area often neglected. My secondary skills is to engage all three within a business consultancy, management and commercial strategy.

Forging Key Business Relationships


Commercial Strategy




Project Planning & Execution


Strategic Team Building


Solid Communication Skills



What I can bring to table

Business Relationships

When I built my telecoms business, the route into the US market was commercial partnerships. Essentially to piggy back on their brand. I targeted strong brands in telecoms and travel. At that time there was not a universal cell phone product available for Americans travelling outside the USA. I proposed a "turnkey" solutions to my partners in the US. To establish confidence with companies that eventually became convinced to engage with my company – required time, patience and establishing relationship with key decision makers.

Project Planning

I would anticipate with any client, a project plan being a critical part of the business strategy. I look to keep this as simple as possible. If your firm is completely new to the market, this would likely be a three year project plan. If you have a foothold then this will be shorter. The project plan will cover time, resources and cost; travel time, number of trips, geographical areas, sampling, trade fairs (if appropriate), IT and so on. The project plan budget must anticipate 2-3 years of minimal return on the investment needed. I will not undertake a project or product that I do not feel 100% confidence in.


I can provide the leadership required – delivering to your firm a turnkey solution with alternative options to the strategy, as well as budgets, timelines and projections. It's also about communication and language. A general misconception is as we all speak English – we will be fine. Not so. I will be able to provide the right guidance in communicating a product(s) using the right expressions and terminology.

Team Building

The objective is of course to build and establish a strong foothold into the market. As the business grows so will the commitment required to underpin future growth. I still have several contacts in the US that may be able to help, perhaps establishing a US office, a distribution centre either in-house or a third party vendor. The first step will be to appoint a dedicated individual (s) in the UK with a strong business background in marketing.

Commercial Strategy

The strategy would depend on the product – and the complexity. It is not impossible to open a company in the US, establish a retail premises or warehouse with a web based strategy. The issue is both cost and reaching the consumer. I would recommend, first time around at least, a commercial partner with a retailer(s) or specialised distributor to a specific industry.

Communication Skills

I speak American to Americans. I use expressions, verbiage, they are familiar with and approach the market in the same way an exporter would in Hong Kong, Singapore, Argentina or any country where there is cultural and communication difference. For example "multi frequency – broad band sound" means nothing in the US. They say "White Noise" or "White Sound." Simple and to the point.


What I've done
July 7th, 2005

Sold the business to Vodafone UK

Director, Sole Shareholder

I sold the business to Vodafone at the right time. Technology now allows for USA travellers to Europe. Before it did not and with 23,000 phones on Vodafone airtime what we did in the USA was a perfect fit for their relationship with Verizon Wireless (VF was a major shareholder). We had a state of the art IT system integrated with US toll free numbers, a 24/7 call centre and an excellent reputation with first class managers and employees. Six months afterwards they told me my company was the least problem free to buy at that time. As the expression goes; "we did what it says on the tin". Vodafone for me was a great company to work with.